About Us

The “BizarreCrafts.com” is the unit of AppSys Informatics Pvt. Ltd. and has been established in the year 2016 with an intention to play the key role of storytelling and therewith bringing social and commercial benefits to the artisan settlements.

We desire to become the instrument through which the artisans can directly connect with the global audience, to be the resource which helps craft selling not as objects but stories and ideologies. We are vying to make not just ’sales’ but ‘dialogues’ between the craftsmen and their patrons, encouraging ‘co-creation possibilities and a collective growth. We are committed to keeping all the good practices intact and all processes humane, just and ecologically balanced.

Bizarrecrafts.com is a marketplace for craft and maker community where people from around the world come together to buy, sell and interact. Located in the Jaipur & New Delhi, it partners with Maker House to offer a community creative destination that supports local makers and indie businesses.

The Beginning

BizarreCrafts.com started in 2016 as an online retail store selling Marble Craft, Metal Craft, Wood Craft etc. mostly handmade unique products as it did not take long before we realized that handmade was better.
For some reason, given that we were selling handmade items, we started to receive inquiries from people wanting to sell their handmade items on Craft Is Art so we decided to accept their listings despite the fact that we did not have an automated system in place that would allow sellers to list their own items and upload images.
BizarreCrafts.com is an India based company located in Jaipur & New Delhi, was born as a marketplace. We are proud to say that in one year time we have been continuously growing adding some unique and eye catching handmade products, which has now become an adobe of craftsmen and artisans.
Above all, we want to identify and recognize the faceless artisan. 


Our Mission

We believe in simplicity, we strive to make BizarreCrafts.com the most user-friendly marketplace on the web, a website that is easy to use, eye-catching, and most importantly, a place that is engaging in all senses where buyers are able to make purchases in the most secure and efficient way and sellers able to actually sell and make a profit. 

We love to be part of the process; ultimately our main goal is to bring unique products for your at the same time helping artisans who are unable to reach potential customers directly. Because if they are... we are.

To all of you, from all of us at BizarreCrafts.com - Thank you!